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World of Tanks

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Exclusive Bundle

Included in this bundle are 5 invite codes, redeem one when registering for a new account, and share the rest with your friends to command the battlefield together! Already have an account? No problem, there are also 5 bonus codes that can be redeemed on any account, feel free to share the rest

Game Details

World of Tanks puts you in command over 500 war machines from the mid-20th century so you can test your skills against players from around the world with the ultimate war machines of the era. Command everything from legendary Shermans, Churchills, Tigers, and T-34s—all with a rich battlefield history—to vehicles that boasted feats of engineering design that never reached the production line. In World of Tanks, master the art of armored combat across dozens of maps, bringing historic locations from all over the globe to life. The game already has over 180 million devoted fans worldwide. So Roll Out with us